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Who Is Lit Communities?

We partner with real estate developers, municipal, county and other governmental entities, as well as a variety of private partners to deploy last-mile fiber optic network infrastructure. Consumers and businesses connected to our networks can choose their internet service provider in the “Lit Store” and be automatically provisioned through a web based portal. Our networks also support a wide variety of other services in addition to internet, including but not limited to voice, telehealth, home security, home automation, small cell, DAS, and wireless backhaul, and public safety applications such as gunshot detection sensors and smart traffic control systems.


Lit Communities wants consumers to have choices when it comes to their internet service provider. Our networks enable healthy competition in communities by allowing providers to compete solely on the metrics of price and customer service–benefiting consumers connected to our network. See if Lit Communities is in your area.

Telecommunications Industry Partners

Lit Communities works with partners across the industry to bring a complete and holistic broadband package to the communities we work with, and we leverage these relationships and experience to ensure our networks can also support the needs of customers like wireless carriers in addition to just local residents and businesses. This means not just faster broadband to people’s houses, but faster deployment of next generation wireless technology as well. Increase your backhaul capacity and provide your services in the Lit Store.

Municipalities & Real Estate Developers

Lit works with city leaders and private developers to bring broadband solutions to your communities. Through public private partnerships, joint ventures, and applicable grant funding, we look at every angle to build a successful project. Our networks are also built with the capacity to enable all manner of smart city and public safety applications requiring connectivity, a significant value add for the communities where we build. See if your community is Fit For Lit!


Lit works with private and institutional investors to create successful business cases by also leveraging opportunity zones and grant funding. Each network is different, and so is the capital stack with which they are financed. Get in touch if you are interested in investment opportunities with Lit.

Our networks support a wide variety of services including, but not limited to:


Home Automation

Home Security


Public Safety Applications

Small Cell




Wireless Backhaul