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Medina County, Ohio

Lit Communities is working with Medina County, OH, to build last mile connectivity. Our business plan, road map, and deployment will connect approximately 50,000 residents and businesses. We’ve also launched a locally-operated ISP to create local jobs and keep the community first.

Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville, TX, consistently ranks one of the least connected cities in the United States. Our community-wide survey provided local leaders with valuable insights and feedback from residents. Our Community Action Plan included specific recommendations for an affordable service offering subsidized by the FCC’s Lifeline program, a unique local partnership with the community college to develop the necessary workforce for the project, and more.

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Monongalia County, West Virginia

Monongalia County, West Virginia

Lit Communities, in partnership with Ice Miller and DLZ, initially performed a broadband study to determine a path towards better connectivity for Monongalia County. Now, the County is working with Lit Communities on Phase 2, which includes detailed design and engineering, a last mile project, and a wireless assessment.

Mansfield, Louisiana

Lit Communities first helped to conduct a citywide survey to assess the demand for better internet services. With data to support an investment in a fiber middle-mile infrastructure and fiber-to-the-home network, a formal public private partnership (P3) was established between the City of Mansfield, Lit Communities, and Louisiana Connected. This partnership will leverage the state grants and federal funding opportunities to improve broadband infrastructure in the community.

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