Chief Executive Officer

Brian is the Chief Executive Officer for Lit and has previously worked as Director of Fiber Delivery at Byers Engineering in addition to creating the Network Design Practice Area at Foresite Group. Brian started out working in drafting and design at the Dothan Technology Center and interned at an architecture firm in Dothan, AL while pursuing an early golf career. Brian shifted to the telecommunications industry in 2003 working as a drafter and quickly grew to managing all aspects of the project as a contractor for AT&T in Birmingham, AL. Brian has over 15 years of experience in wide area network deployments, having led the build outs of the entire Southeast US for AT&T’s Uverse release, Google Fiber’s builds in Austin, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and Huntsville, Verizon’s network densification in Seattle, San Francisco, Cleveland, Nashville, and Knoxville, in addition to numerous municipal projects throughout the country. Brian has worked with a core team to create the process that brings community broadband into the 21st century. Our team started on a mission 4 years ago to connect people; to information, to ideas, and to each other and Lit continues to carry that torch to each Community we work with.

Medina Fiber

Lit is working in partnership with Medina County Fiber Network, the county’s open access middle mile network, to build last mile fiber to 45,000 homes and businesses. Starting with the south of the County, where the population is sparser and the need for connectivity is greater, we will be building our state-of-the-art fiber optic networks. Our innovative approach of opening our networks to service providers, and letting them sell their services in the Lit Marketplace, means the County’s residents will enjoy unprecedented connectivity and service pricing compared to demographically similar communities around the country.

We call the service providers that sell their services on our networks XSPs because they can be providers of any connectivity dependent service, not just internet, phone, or TV.  At first two XSPs will offer services in the Medina County Lit Marketplace, one offering VoIP, TV, and a handful of symmetrical internet packages up to 1 Gig, the other offering a variety of telehealth services. However, as the network expands to the rest of the county, we will open it to more XSPs, including the incumbent providers should they be interested in leveraging our superior network.

This approach, which we call an Open Application Network, also means the communities of Medina County will be able to utilize the network to enact smart city initiatives like real time monitoring of the water and electric utilities, and that wireless carriers can access the network to backhaul their upcoming 5G wireless network traffic. We are honored to get to work with the great people of Medina County, Ohio to build this infrastructure of tomorrow in their communities. 

The video below is from the Medina Fiber kickoff meeting with city officials and residents in attendance on April 2, 2019. Read more about that press conference and our journey with Medina County here