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Get the support you need to bring high-speed fiber internet to your community.

Lit Experience

Are you looking to improve internet access where you live? You could try to research what’s worked in other municipalities, vet self-proclaimed experts, interview a long list of potential vendors, and piece together a solution that fits your needs…
or you could work with a single, trusted expert to guide you across the digital divide.

With the Lit Experience, you get a single point of contact for every stage of connecting your community—from researching your options to connecting your first resident and beyond.

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It’s Always Feasible!

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Solutions Focused

We aren’t looking to determine if you can get fiber internet, but how.

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You’ll walk away from our assessment with everything you need to build a network, including community demand aggregation reports, network maps, financial models, business plans, grant research, and more.

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Every assessment concludes with specific, strategic action items, so you can take your next steps with full confidence. We even assist with RFPs and referrals if you want to explore other options for executing your plan.


Keep Your Community First

Stronger Partnerships

Stronger Partnerships

Our solution allows you to commit to one provider so you can work together to build a better community.

Open for Innovation

Open for Innovation

Your infrastructure will still have space for forward-thinking companies to provide innovative solutions over your network, including telehealth, smart home, and other services still waiting to be imagined.

Stronger Partnerships

Built for Smart Cities

Open application networks are designed to support smart city applications that improve transportation, public safety, environmental quality, and other municipal operations.

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Create Jobs in Your Community

See an example of our local network operators at getmedinafiber.com

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Branded for You

We can create a new company, branded for your community, to service your residents and businesses. Instead of interacting with Lit Communities, your friends and neighbors will work with a company that reflects the place they call home.

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Locally Operated

We create jobs and a brick-and-mortar storefront in your community. By hiring locally for a wide variety of roles, we ensure your network is always led, influenced, and protected by the people who care most: the people who call your town home.

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Expert Support

When we set up a local network operator in a community, we continue working closely with the community and provide full access to the experts, software, and strategies needed to make the project a success.

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